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REST API / PowerShell LCM updates

For a large Dutch Hosting / Managed Service provider that is using Nutanix as a shared IAAS / Shared cloud platform i was asked to look in to automating update selections for the a per Node update procedure.

This customer regularly has other maintenance on those nodes, and Change advisory control requires them to do a controlled per node upgrade.

Nutanix has a 1-Click update system that will take of this for you. Although the new LCM 2.2 UI is even more advanced, selecting per node updates on a large cluster can be time consuming. In this case ~100 Nodes.
If this scenario is useful to yours, checkout:

This is a PowerShell based script that takes care of the update selection and installation as per your choosing. Its compatible with Prism Element 5.5, but only if you have Prism Central above 5.8. API V3 calls are not sent to Prism Element but tunneled through Prism Central.

$BuildAccount  = "admin"
$PEAdmin       = "admin"
$PEPass        = ""
$PCCLIP        = ""
$PEClIP        = ""
$ClusterUUID   = ""

Populate the top half of the script, make sure the PE Cluster UUID is populated also, You can retrieve the ID by running the top half of the script (till line 463) and selecting the cluster ID from the $Cluster Variable.
once that is selected run the script again till line 528. And select the updates you wish to install from the $Updates Variable.

Let me know if you have any questions.


  1. René

    The github link is not working anymore. Can you update this one?

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