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CALM BluePrint 1-Click-Image

Image Copy And Clone Service for Nutanix. Use at your own risk 🙂
Blueprint based image copy service for Nutanix AHV.

– Copies Images or Single Disk VMs.
– Different Source and Target clusters or the same.
– Move Image between datastores.
– Overwrite target image.
– Source and Target image names.
– Uses a jump VM in the context of Hoster.


– Builds array of variables
– Validates Target image precense and overwrite settings
– Validates Free space percentage on hoster and target PE.
– Validates if previous executions are left abandoned.
– Validates if source exists.
– Able to run directly from PS with hashed PW config files.
– Able to run as CALM Service. (default)
– Checks if source is VM if VM is powered off.
– Creates new disk 2.5 times the source size
– Copies raw file from source to new volume. (winscp DotNet)
– Converts the disk to thin qcow2 (qemu-img)
– Uploads the file to the target cluster (IIS)
– Cleans its process, cleans the disk


– Calm or higher
– Enough space
– Read the calm variable descriptions


  1. Import the BluePrint and set the credentials as per your choosing.

2. Launch the install of the blueprint

3. Use the app on the manage tab.

    1. Enter the variables as prompted.
    2. Choose the source / target / hoster containers / passwords etc.
    3. Best is to pre populate them in the blueprint
    4. Read the output steps (Logging is posted 3x)


Image exists:

Image Overwrite

VM Copy