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Distributed High Available File Services across multiple sites

Nutanix Files is a highly available and scalable CIFS / SMB / NFS environment running on Nutanix clusters. Nutanix Files supports replicating files to other Files clusters as passive copy where these copies can be enabled as part of your Disaster Recovery strategy. Additionally, Peer Software delivers software to enhance file servers with additional functionality to facilitate more use cases like:

  • Create multi reader / writer file servers distributed across multiple sites or data centers. Peer software includes global file locking to prevent version conflicts.
  • Build multi site multi file server environments for VDI profile or home directories. Users will be redirected to the nearest file server for optimal performance.
  • Facilitate migration strategies replicating files between file servers of multiple vendors. As a result companies can minimize the downtime associated with migrations.
  • Run file servers from multiple vendors in production. This results in maximizing investments done in other technology moving to Nutanix Files.
  • Create back-ups / copies of files in S3 compliant storage like Nutanix Objects. Also, this allows you to create multiple versions of files in S3, including WORM options.

We recorded a session with to SE’s from Peer Software discussing and demoing their software and the above use-cases on top of Nutanix Files. The recorded broadcast can be found on the Nutanix Netherlands youtube channel.

NDD Show with Peer Software (in English)

Peer Software and Nutanix

Peer Software and Nutanix are partners and joined developed the integration of Peer into the Nutanix Files solution. This results in a optimal solution in terms of functionality, performance and support.

If you want to see Nutanix Files in action and experience this yourself? Please start a Nutanix Test Drive and configure Files on Nutanix yourself!

Interested in Peer Software? You can reach out to Dennis von Eulenburg or Spencer Allingham from Peer Software, or contact Peer via their website.