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Repost Mondays: Database Automation Inspiration

Database Automation Inspiration Session

I chased away the crickets and dusted of the keyboard. It’s been a while. With the last Repost Monday having celebrated it’s first birthday even. A crowded party it is. We’ve added plenty of new functionality in our solutions. In the mean while Red Hat elected us as their favorite HCI solution. Secondly they choose Nutanix as their favorite OpenShift platform. This Repost Mondays: Database Automation Inspiration is to be the cake for that birthday party. Maybe it’s more a bit of Database Administration Inspiration to be honest. But don’t let that stop the party!

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Recorded in front of a live internet audience. Hosted by yours truly and database specialist Wierd van der Haar. This session recording shows us around the revolutionary Nutanix Database Administration tooling. Including live demos. Manage and automated your database similar to public cloud databases. Without changing out your long trusted RDMS. Best enjoyed with Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgresSQL, MariaDB and MongoDB. Upgrade, patch, cluster, de-cluster, copy, sanatize, snapshot, provision. All through just one unified control plane. One control plane to rule them all. Party like it’s 99! Relive and enjoy this Repost Mondays: Database Automation Inspiration session.

View the Database Automation Inspiration recorded session by clicking on the image above.