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Repost Monday: Be Delighted by Monica Kumar


Be Delighted by Monica Kumar! In the Repost Monday series we republish content which we already published once before. This is original content produced by our team which appeared on other websites or media such as Youtube or Twitch. Or in some exceptions such as today, a repost of content published by one of our international co-workers. We repeat this every Monday in order for you to be able to start the work week with a nice cup of coffee combined with a dose of Nutanix information. Two lumps and a dash of Nutanix, to make for a delightful start of the day.

Today’s content is a recording of Monica Kumar presenting about Delight on .NEXT 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. There is nothing like being delighted by Monica Kumar’s inspired session on a Monday. Enjoy!

Monica Kumar talking about delight during .Next 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Get ready… Block that agenda for September 9th and 10th… For .NEXT Digital 2020!

While we are on the topic, grab this chance to experience .NEXT yourself! For free! The upcoming .NEXT will be a digital only experience for obvious reasons. You may register for free over at this link. Be delighted by Monica Kumar live instead of in a Repost Monday. Although we can’t promise not to repost that session too if it is as inspiring as this one. Find the session schedule and agenda over here. Also more information about the event is available here.

Some of the speakers and hosts of .NEXT 2020 Digital