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Nutanix Networking walkthrough

Nutanix Networking

In the Repost Monday series we republish content which we already published once before. This is original content produced by our team which appeared on other websites or media such as Youtube or Twitch. Or in some exceptions such as today, a repost of content published by one of our international co-workers. We repeat this every Monday in order for you to be able to start the work week with a nice cup of coffee combined with a dose of Nutanix information. Today we have for you a new series of bite sized Youtube videos providing a Nutanix Networking walkthrough. Two lumps and a dash of Nutanix Networking, to make for a delightful start of the week.

With todays Nutanix Networking walkthrough topic we’ll take you through the connection of your Nutanix environment to your physical network. We’ll start this off by configuring a SNMP profile. In turn we will then use this SNMP profile to visualize the physical switch connections in our Nutanix Cluster. Followed up by configuring our resilience and load balancing option of choice. We’ll then quickly brush up on the technical theory. Proceeding to show how to apply that in practice. Our technical marketeer and networking expert Jason Burns is your guide of the day.

This video details how to configure your SNMP profile.
Using the SNMP profile we read the data from the physical switches in order to visualize their relations to the virtual paths.
A four minute thirty brush-up on Nutanix AHV Networking.
Selecting and configuring your network uplink bonds and resilience load balancing policies.

In closing

That concludes our Nutanix Networking walkthrough. We trust we’ve been able to provide you with sufficient technical entertainment this Monday morning. Please do let us know if you enjoyed todays content. As always feel free to reach out to any of us should you have any questions. Time for a refill! Have a great week!