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Greenhorn Docked!

Greenhorn Docked!

There is a greenhorn walking amongst all these Nutanix experts. He goes by the name of David and has chosen these turbulent times to join the Dutch SE Team. He’ll be posting a blog series sharing his experiences whilst getting to know Nutanix inside out. You may find previous installments by clicking the following links. Part 1 is named Greenhorn Ahoy! Followed by part 2 named Greenhorn Showtime! Next up you’ll find these links pointing to part 3 named Greenhorn Egged! And part 4 named Greenhorn Roughed-up! This is part 5 named Greenhorn Docked! and will be the final blog in this series. Enjoy!

Nutanix Fade-in X
NCP Badge

Certainly certified

Sounding through my house on a Sunday in the not so long ago past, is a guttural loud scream containing the word “Yessss!”. Four months of learning, trying and studying the nuts and bolts of Nutanix have paid off. I passed the exam!

Being a proctored exam added to the challenge. May I please visit the bathroom? Remove your hand from your face, and so on. That’s all done and dusted though.

Having just passed my Nutanix Certified Professional exam I may now refer to myself as NCP. Because, well as you have learned in the past episodes of this blog series, abbreviations matter!

Does that mean there is an end to the learning cycle? Far from, Nutanix develops on every front, often and quickly. It means I am now able to participate and complete the quarterly training materials. Don’t get me wrong, that is something I’m happy about! More knowledge is always welcome. The wide basics aside there is plenty of stuff leftover to dive further into as well. The amount of available training materials internally is staggering. Staring at my laptop screen during a spare hour pondering what to do is a far flung concept. If anything, there are plenty of other certifications to achieve too.

Applied science

Putting all the learning into practice has certainly helped with presenting during client sessions. Gone are the mid-sentence question yourself stutters. My own presentation deck has evolved as has the delivery by the author. I also took on the live demo delivery challenge successfully. Partnering with Michell, I delivered as many as five demos in a single prospect session. This as part of the in-depth automation centric presentation part Michell delivered. It really is a lot of fun delivering an interactive message to and with a client in that manner. Go team!

Nutanix New Years

Oliebollen, a Dutch treat
Oliebollen a Dutch New Years treat

Sweat drops rolling down my forehead, I was forced to vacate the attic room office. Not having an air-conditioned work environment certainly is a disadvantage during this work from home period. Do I feel like champagne and oliebollen today though! My mindset is on New Years food and drinks traditions. That has everything to do with the annual Sales Kickoff Event for the Nutanix financial year 2021. The event carried exciting news, the long awaited Nutanix Clusters was officially launched.

Fireworks are going off in beautiful explosions behind the presenter during the yearly internal award ceremony. So one could say this event celebrated the Nutanix New Years. And that explains my New Years mindset even with these hot summer temperatures.

With that it’s a perfect ending to this blog series. Where one series ends many other blogs will follow, I’m sure. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings on my greenhorn experience. I now consider the maiden voyage completed and the ship docked. Greenhorn no more!

Take it easy, or as the Dutchies say; rustig aan ouwe!