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Birth announcement, it’s a server!

Birth announcement, it's a server!

As proud parents Supermicro and Nutanix would like to announce the birth of a server. Not just any server, a baby server nonetheless! Our family has grown by one processor, two all-flash disks and nine network interfaces! We will proudly name our family addition NX-1120S-G7. With a birth weight of 5.08 kg, a height of 43 mm, width of 437 mm and a depth of just 270 mm, NX-1120S-G7 will fit almost any crib. Be it a Telco or a Datacenter crib. Feeding times are 24×7, consuming a miniscule 0,12 kWh. Our miracle already talks, to some it may sound encrypted, but we understand it perfectly. Such a little body, such a big miracle… Mother nor Father will ever rest. Please arrange with your sales representative for a viewing.

NX-1120S-G7 front and back view
Front- and rearview of the NX-1120S-G7


All joking aside, let’s talk where this fits. Sure, Nutanix is a software company creating Cloud Infrastructure Software. As such a relation has been developed with Supermicro where they create hardware to our specifications which is then branded as Nutanix hardware. The obvious gain for end customers here is having a single contact point for both hardware and software support. Not that Nutanix support is lacking. Quite the contrary even. With an NPS score of over ninety for six years running, it’s leading the technology pack even. This combination allows Nutanix to focus on developing it’s software whilst being able to offer the full package when such is desired.

In the end every Cloud needs to have servers to run on. Not every Cloud needs to be gigantic. Small ROBO, or remote branch office sites in full, have local Cloud needs. A Cloud that keeps running even when there is no internet connectivity or when on a closed network. Looking at manufacturing plants for example, they can’t have their plant grind to a halt due to a Cloud connectivity issue. But there are also the Clouds that support the networks and with that internet connectivity itself. Think of your phone. Think of 5G locations, those locations have their network logic virtualized nowadays and need Cloud platforms to run on locally. That independent monitoring cluster or camera surveillance cluster. Think of those huge freight ships, those have Cloud technology needs just like any business.

Deploying a cluster remotely with zero local touch needed. Large Cloud needs, small Cloud footprint required, lowering site cost, full featured security and encryption capabilities. For those situations and more the new NX-1120S-G7 platform has been designed to fill the needs.

Spec Sheet

NX-1120S-G7 detailed rearview
Detailed rearview of the NX-1120S-G7